Helping Canadians win more by finding the best insurance policy at the lowest rate.

What we did
  • Brand Identity Design
  • UX Strategy
  • Product Design
The Situation

Searching for the right insurance provider can be time-consuming. However, Niman Financial offers instant insurance quoting services. This allows users to quickly and efficiently obtain quotes for various types of insurance products. Niman Financial provides access via an Application Programming Interface (API), enabling developers to incorporate its functionalities into their own applications or websites. This integration allows for the effortless generation of insurance quotes, including life and disability insurance, directly within the application. As a result, it enhances the user experience by providing quick access to insurance information.

The Challenge

Niman Financial required a speedy web app to integrate the WinQuote API and provide a user-friendly experience for obtaining instant insurance quotes. This application had to excel in both performance and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the process of acquiring insurance quotes and making it more engaging for users. The aim was to simplify and add delight to the task of insurance hunting.

The Solution

The app prioritizes clarity and simplicity, allowing users to explore options and receive quotes without unnecessary complexity.

A significant feature of this app is the option for users to download their quote results. This feature assists users in their insurance shopping journey by enabling them to compare options, make informed decisions, and easily access their quote information for future reference. By simplifying the process of obtaining and managing insurance quotes, the app serves as a useful tool for individuals seeking life or disability insurance coverage more conveniently and efficiently.

The Results

For Niman Financial, the web app enhanced their operational capabilities significantly. This new tool streamlined their lead generation efforts and enabled Niman Financial to distribute quotes with far greater efficiency, thanks to the PDF downloader functionality that’s built in.

The app’s intuitive design and responsive features have also significantly improved the online experience for their visitors. As a result, a noticeable increase in user engagement and satisfaction was observed, demonstrating the value of integrating specialized financial tools into their service offerings.

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