Western Union

Building an affiliate management software for the world's largest money-transfer business.

What we did
  • UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Web App Development
  • Launch Support
The Situation

Western Union reached out for our help to improve the management of their brand ambassador program. They run a large-scale affiliate marketing program aimed at boosting their global presence, and they needed a more efficient way to handle it.

The Challenge

The main objective of Western Union's app was to facilitate participation in its affiliate program across numerous regions. It was essential for administrative staff to have the capability to monitor referrals and evaluate the performance of brand ambassadors.

Our development focus was on creating a user-friendly interface where customers referred by affiliates could seamlessly enter their information and upload verification of their registration.

The Solution

We engineered a scalable and lightweight web application leveraging React.js and Next.js for frontend development and Firebase for backend services, optimizing for program expansion. The app's design ensures intuitive usability, minimizing the need for extensive training for Western Union's administrative staff.

Since deployment, the web app has facilitated the recruitment and onboarding of hundreds of brand ambassadors for Western Union.

The Results

+ 6,900

New sign ups in first 90 days


Churn reduction

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