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What we did
  • UX Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
The Situation

After securing $25 million in their series A funding round, Gordian chose to revamp their brand and digital presence simultaneously. Like most B2B tech companies, they faced the challenge of clearly articulating a complex service offering in a brief time frame. In the latter half of 2023, we collaborated with them to bring this vision to life.

The Challenge

The challenge most B2B tech companies face in the face of digital is one of clearly explaining a complex service offering in a few sentences, in a few seconds. Their robust brand attracted attention, but we needed to find a way to keep the users online until they genuinely understood how Gordian can save their business money.

The Solution

Our strategy was comprehensive, aiming to enhance Gordian's brand and digital presence through detailed planning, design, and development.

Market Analysis: Through the examination of digital strategies employed by leading competitors, we pinpointed opportunities for Gordian to stand out. This analysis proved crucial in comprehending the industry landscape and establishing a benchmark for the project.

Visual Design: The centerpiece of Gordian's new website is its minimalist, airy design. Our goal was for users to experience a sense of frictionless travel while navigating the site. This feeling is integrated throughout the website, from animation effects to backgrounds. This approach ensures visual consistency and brand recognition across all pages.

CMS Development: We chose WebFlow for its flexibility and ease of use, creating a lightweight yet powerful CMS platform. This decision allowed Gordian’s team to manage their content efficiently without compromising performance.

The Results

The revitalization of Gordian's marketing website signified a significant milestone in their rebranding journey. The project had multifaceted and impactful outcomes:

Enhanced User Engagement: The recent rebranding and visually appealing design led to an immediate increase in website traffic and user engagement metrics, including time spent on the site and conversion rates.

Brand Cohesion: The consistent use of the new brand's visual elements across the website bolstered Gordian's overall brand. This resulted in a unified experience that resonates with visitors.

Operational Efficiency: The new CMS simplifies website maintenance and updates for Gordian’s internal team, ensuring the site remains dynamic and current.

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