5 Tips for Successfully Launching a New Website


Sam Kim


Launching a brand new website for your business can be very exciting. However, that excitement can quickly shift to daunting if you don’t have everything in place to ensure a successful launch.

All the hard effort and work that the team has put into building this brand new stunning website could ultimately go down the drain with an unsuccessful launch. We’ll go over 5 essential tips to ensure your new website is all set up for success!

1. Create a launch checklist

Did you know even the highest Michelin star rated chefs have various checklists for various departments within their kitchen? Why is that?

Not only do checklists organize all the key requirements and tasks for a given project – it ensures consistency while reducing human errors – allowing us to focus on accomplishing tasks rather than organizing them.

Checklists also allow a transparent view of the launch to the whole team rather than the individual to ensure nothing can be missed.

At Anyday, we have a Pre-launch checklist and a Post-launch checklist to ensure our clients a 100% successful launch.

2. Implement Google Analytics

What’s the point of launching a new website if you don’t know how it’s performing? That’s where we bring Google Analytics into play. Google Analytics is a free analytics tool which you can utilize to learn more about your audience/ visitors. It tracks various actions, events and performance metrics on your website for you to start understanding what’s working best and where there could be room for improvement.

3. Test Everything

After you go through your launch checklist, ensure that your website is tracking data, it’s now time to ensure that your website undergoes quality assurance to ensure there are no hiccups. There’s plenty of QA / Testing tools to choose from. We at Anyday use usersnap which allows us the ability to do our internal QA along with client feedback all in one platform.

4. Setup redirects

Before you launch a website, there’s one crucial component that must be taken into consideration to ensure your website offers the end-user a seamless experience. A new website usually comes with improved user experience which can result in a new user flow, so we need to ensure that the new URLs follow the same structure as they were on the original website. This is crucial – so your users don’t accidentally end up within a 404 not found page.

5. Choose your launch date wisely

I cannot stress how important it is to plan and choose the right date for launching your new website. It may seem like a great idea to launch your website on a Friday or the day before a major holiday – but that could often lead to problems and issues where the development team may not be available.

At Anyday, we plan our launches before the start of a work day – usually earlier within the week (Monday), so we can proactively monitor and tackle any hiccups or problems that could arise during the launch process.

Are you a developer?

At Anyday, we follow a very rigorous launch process to ensure all our clients' expectations are met without oversight. If you are a developer and would like to learn more about our process and how we go about ensuring our clients websites are always launched with 100% satisfaction; with 0 hiccups, get in touch and we'll send a free checklist.

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