Pricemate Pay

Designing a brand and web application for a merchant processing software.

What we did
  • Brand Identity Design
  • UX Strategy
  • Product Design
The Situation

Shopping around for the right payment processing provider takes time. As you’re building your business, finding the best partners and deals for merchants very quickly proves to be time consuming and difficult, leaving business owners with little time or choice when it comes to comparing and contrasting differences between payment processors. Pricemate Pay helps by cutting that time down by offering the best rates possible.

The Challenge

Creating a platform that seamlessly serves both customers and developers demands a careful blend of intuitive design for users and flexible, robust features for technical integration. Our goal was to make complex processes feel simple and approachable for all users.

The Solution

In tackling the platform's challenges, we embarked on a complete brand overhaul alongside streamlining the user experience. This comprehensive approach covered everything from a fresh visual identity to the redesign of the app interface, ensuring every touchpoint was simplified, intuitive, and reflective of the new brand ethos.

By integrating best UX practices into every aspect of the redesign, we created a cohesive, user-friendly environment that appeals to both customers and developers, making navigation effortless and integration straightforward.

The Results

Following the redesign, user engagement metrics soared, with a 270% increase in user retention and a 196% rise in new sign-ups. Customer satisfaction scores improved nearly double digits, demonstrating the powerful impact of our user-centric design approach on both user satisfaction and business growth.

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