Oppono Lending

Building a web app to serve more brokers for a leading mortgage lending company.

What we did
  • Brand Identity
  • UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Web App Development
  • Salesforce API Integration
The Situation

Oppono, a distinguished mortgage brokerage firm, is renowned for its pragmatic approach to lending, empowering brokers with the necessary resources and support to secure more mortgage transactions. With a decade of growth fuelled by word-of-mouth rather than traditional advertising, Oppono sought to elevate its service speed and more effectively communicate its core values.

Our task was to develop a web application that not only meets but anticipates the demands for rapidity and convenience within the mortgage industry.

The Challenge

In the mortgage lending sector, application processing is notoriously slow, with approval times extending up to 48 hours. Oppono aimed to set a new industry standard by guaranteeing approvals within 12 hours. However, their existing underwriting process, critical for verifying applicants' financial details, was not aligning with this ambitious commitment.

This misalignment highlighted a gap between Oppono’s professed values and their operational capabilities. Additionally, there was a technological gap in efficiently gathering necessary data from mortgage brokers for swift pre-approval decisions.

The Solution

Our goal was to deliver the industry's quickest pre-approval times for Oppono’s network of mortgage brokers and brokerages. Collaborating closely with Oppono, we developed low-fidelity prototypes designed to streamline the service experience. We simplified the mortgage submission process with intuitive, multi-step forms that reduced processing time significantly.

The integration of real-time data processing with a user-friendly interface halved the application turnaround times. Our design prioritized a clean, advanced, yet unobtrusive interface to ensure users could focus fully on the task at hand.

For the web application's infrastructure, our emphasis was on flexibility and performance optimization. We utilized a cutting-edge tech stack that facilitated seamless updates, feature enhancements, and the efficient rollout of new app versions, ensuring continuous alignment with industry demands and Oppono’s growth objectives.

The Results

By redefining the mortgage application process, we enabled Oppono to surpass industry standards for pre-approval times, reinforcing their commitment to efficiency and client service excellence. This case exemplifies our capability in leveraging technology to address specific business challenges in the fintech space, ultimately fostering stronger broker engagement and enhancing operational efficiencies.

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