Olio Financial

Preparing future generations for financial independence.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Marketing Website
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
The Situation

Olio, the first app of its kind in Canada, is a community funding platform that facilitates stock gifts for special occasions. Aimed at families, it's designed to provide early investment opportunities for children, thereby unlocking the potential for compound growth. Olio approached us in its early stages for assistance in establishing their foundations.

The Challenge

As a new company, Olio encountered many challenges typical of a growing business. When they approached us, we began by pinpointing the key obstacles hindering their rapid growth.

  • No clear identity
  • No clear message
  • No sales journey
  • No content plan
  • No product
  • No marketing plan

In addition to this, due to the nature of the product, we were also faced with a lot of regulatory compliance requirements.

The Solution

After running Olio through our Fintech Growth Accelerator Blueprint, we identified exactly when and how we would help.

Optimizing Olio’s Messaging: We developed Olio's messaging from scratch, aiming to connect with family members purchasing the gift stock. We designed a messaging framework to foster trust and align voice, values, and goals.

DELIVERABLES: Visual identity, Verbal Identity, Messaging Framework

Tightening Olio’s Sales Journey: Our strategy team broke down the ideal customer journey for a family stock purchaser, to ensure a seamless transition from “problem aware” to “paying customer”.

DELIVERABLES: Customer Journey Map, Wireframes, Prototype

Leveraging Olio’s Content: We developed a robust online content strategy, centered around appealing marketing websites. These are designed to function as strategic assets that articulate your customer's problems more effectively than they themselves can.

DELIVERABLES: Content Architecture, Marketing Website

Strengthening Olio’s Product: We designed and developed the Olio MVP app from scratch, beginning with User Experience research and culminating in its development using React JS. At this stage of growth, Olio needed a fully functioning MVP to present the product to potential partners and investors.

DELIVERABLES: Product Design, Product Development

Measure Olio’s Performance: We chose to measure bottom line revenue, total lifetime value, and churn rate, and not just headcount and topline revenue. On a monthly basis we analyze the functionality and efficacy of every marketing touchpoint for this client, and make pivots accordingly.

DELIVERABLES: Analytics and Heat Mapping
The Results

As a result of this project, Olio is in the process of securing additional funding and planning their next product iteration with Anyday, integrating with brokerages to further the power of the product.

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