The bonding of life and code.

What We Did
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The situation

Nuvalence is a software development and advisory firm that provides global brands with the partnership and high caliber talent necessary for change. They build data-driven digital platforms that leverage data assets across new domains and verticals. They bring deep technological expertise, software and strategic consulting into the core of an organization. Often resulting in advancement that can radically transform a business. They are a harbinger of top tech talent, developers, designers and product leaders, they help organizations across all industries build software solutions that deliver impactful outcomes.

Launched 2022

↑ 78%

job submissions for software devs

↑ 145%

Headcount as a result

The Challenge

While they are deeply sophisticated in their business, they struggled to bring that much needed refinement to their own identity. At the time, they were also relatively new to the market and had no brand clarity or awareness. This resulted in dissonance between how they operated and delivered and how they were perceived. Also impacting the type of talent they were able to attract. As an acutely qualified group, with a polished approach to their work and relationships - their brand needed to level up.

To change the perception of Nuvalence we wanted to convey the quality and depth of thinking within the technology they developed. We had one goal in mind; to tell their story in the most engaging and tech forward manner. The problem? “Designing technology” almost always fails.

Nuvalence Work

The Solution

Merging life and code into one relevant brand.

Nuvalence’s biggest differentiator was their ability to tell their story through the connection of life and code. Simply put, Nuvalance brings a human element into the way they develop code, develop trust, develop relationships, and in turn develop growth. They consider how life influences code. (Think, accessibility standards on a website - we don’t just write code in a vacuum).

Nuvalence white business card.Digital billboard with Nuvalence ad.
White tote bag with Nuvalence logo.

Creative Execution & Direction

The story behind Nuvalence’s name was one we carried through to the brandmark. When atoms share reactivity and capability it creates a bond. In other words they define themselves as two companies coming together like two perfect circles, to form a bigger bigger circle. Circle ratio sizes were taken from the concept of the Golden Ratio, i.e. a perfect ratio. It is said to be the mathematical connection between two aspects of an object. Symbolizing the coming together of two, and the perfection that can be created. 

Applications utilize photography within the shapes of the logomark. Objects in the foreground are placed in focus while other elements are blurred to create the story of honing in on an idea. The use of photo linking is the most direct application of linking life to code visually.

Nuvalence Work
Nuvalence Work

The Website

When bringing their brand identity to their website, we aimed to tell the story of life and code through more of a technological lens. This included adding touchpoints on the website that amplified the storytelling and engagement users would come across. In addition to applying photo linking visuals in the website, we also included 3D assets to further push the tech forward aesthetic that would be the driving factor behind the website.

Along with new visuals, we built Nuvalence with Greenhouse integration to make job collection much easier for their team to manage. With this seamless transition, the Nuvalence team was able to achieve their business goal of attaining new talent. Which resulted in a dramatic increase of job submissions as well as a 144% increase of employees.

Nuvalence mobile homepage mockup.

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