Merging life and code into one elevated brand.

Nuvalence is an outcome-focused firm that continues to evolve with their people. Garnering top tech talent among developers, designers and product leaders, they help organizations across all industries build software solutions that deliver impactful outcomes.

To evolve with the ever growing market and better match the sophisticated technology they create, Nuvalence came to us looking to revamp their brand. They had one goal in mind, to tell their story in the most engaging and tech forward manner.

We recognized their differentiator that could set them apart from their industry; the ability to tell their story through the connection of life and code. We used this symbolism as the basis of our brand story to connect their clients, workers and those that invest in the brand in one aesthetic.

What we did
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity, messaging, and positioning
  • Website design and development
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Nuvalence Work

The Brand

Scientific storytelling.

The story behind Nuvalence’s namesake is one that we carried through the brandmark creation. When atoms share valence electrons to gain stability, a covalent bond occurs. This occurrence inspired the three circles in their logomark coming together to form that bond, as well as symbolize what is at the core of Nuvalence: connection and transformation.

We leveraged the Golden Ratio when creating the logomark to create perfect symmetry. Nuvalence’s relationship to global industries and the coded, analytical world reflects the connection of the Golden Ratio to mathematics and the natural world.

Clarity through connections.

Through two forms of visual storytelling, Nuvalence showcases their ability to focus on the main idea and connecting products to natural forms. Applications that follow a clarity storyline utilize photography within the shapes of the logomark. Objects in the foreground are placed in focus while other elements are blurred to create the story of honing in on an idea.

Another form of storytelling in Nuvalence’s brand system comes through the use of photo linking. This is the most direct application of linking life to code visually.

Nuvalence Work
Nuvalence WorkNuvalence Work
Nuvalence Work
Nuvalence Work

Experience Design and Technology

A tech-forward union.

When bringing their brand identity to their website, we aimed to tell the story of life and code through more of a technological lens. This included adding touchpoints on the website that amplified the storytelling and engagement users would come across. In addition to applying photo linking visuals in the website, we also included 3D assets to further push the tech forward aesthetic that would be the driving factor behind the website.

Along with new visuals, we integrated Greenhouse with their new website to unify the job application management and submission process.

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