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What we did
  • Marketing Website
  • Visual Design
  • CMS Development
  • Greenhouse API Integration
The Situation

Following a significant rebranding initiative, Boosted found itself at a critical juncture. With an impressive $8M in funding raised, the need to reflect this new chapter through their online presence became paramount. The challenge was clear: transform an outdated website to mirror Boosted's fresh brand identity and market positioning.

The Challenge

Boosted's existing website was a relic of its former brand, lacking the modernity and user engagement required to compete in today's market. The task at hand was not just a visual update; it was about encapsulating the essence of Boosted's rebrand into a digital experience that resonated with their audience, all while aligning with the expectations set by their recent funding success.

The Solution

Our approach was strategic and multifaceted, aiming to elevate Boosted's digital presence through meticulous planning, design, and development.

Market Analysis: By examining the digital strategies of leading competitors, we identified opportunities for Boosted to distinguish itself. This analysis was instrumental in understanding the industry landscape and setting a benchmark for the project.

Visual Design: The heart of Boosted's new identity was its pixelated logo effect. We seamlessly integrated this element throughout the website, from icons to backgrounds, ensuring visual consistency and brand recognition across all pages.

CMS Development: Opting for WordPress, known for its flexibility and ease of use, we crafted a lightweight yet powerful CMS platform. This choice ensured that Boosted's team could manage their content efficiently without sacrificing performance.

Greenhouse API Integration: To streamline Boosted's recruitment process, we integrated the Greenhouse API, enhancing the site's functionality and providing a seamless application experience for potential candidates.

The Results

The revitalization of Boosted's website marked a significant milestone in their rebranding journey. The outcomes of this project were multifaceted and impactful:

Enhanced User Engagement: The modern, visually engaging design led to an immediate increase in website traffic and user engagement metrics, including time spent on site and conversion rates.

Brand Cohesion: The consistent application of the new brand's visual elements across the website reinforced Boosted's identity, creating a cohesive experience that resonated with visitors.

Operational Efficiency: The new CMS empowered Boosted's internal team to maintain and update their website with greater ease, ensuring the site remains dynamic and current.

Improved Recruitment Process: Integrating the Greenhouse API streamlined the application process, making it easier for Boosted to attract and process potential candidates, supporting their growth and expansion efforts.

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