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What We Did
  • Product Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Web App & User Experience Design
  • Web App Development
  • Integration Planning
  • Managed Development ↗
The situation

Oppono is a fully mortgage broker focused company that takes a common sense approach to lending by providing brokers the tools and backing to fund more mortgage deals. They have spent the last decade growing their following without a single dollar spent on advertising.

While Oppono’s namesake comes from the Latin term for Mortgage, the company is about much more than that. They asked us to help them provide faster service for their mortgage brokers and to communicate their values stronger. We designed, built and deployed a web application that scales, shifts and stays ahead of the industry’s ever-growing appetite for speed and convenience.

Launched 2021

The Challenge

Disconnected Promise

It’s a well known fact that applications move pretty slowly in the lending industry. With wait times of up to 48 hours for mortgage approvals to pass through, Oppono is committed to providing approvals within 12 hours. Oppono’s process for underwriting, where a lender verifies income, assets, debt and property details, was falling short of their commitment, creating a disconnect between company values and their product. Oppono was also lacking the technology necessary to collect information from the mortgage brokerages they serve for fast pre-approval.

The Solution

The fastest pre-approvals possible

Oppono has a clear goal in mind: to provide mortgage brokerages and brokers the fastest pre-approvals in the industry. We worked with Oppono’s team to create low fidelity prototypes that supported their goal of faster service. We broke down the submission journey for mortgage brokers by providing multi-step forms that are easy to comprehend.

The seamless connection between forms and live calculations of submitted information brought the speed of the application process down by half. The interface for the web app is clean and tech forward while remaining non-disruptive to allow users to give their full attention to the form fields.


Built to scale

When planning the infrastructure for Oppono’s web app, we took into account how seamlessly we could deploy new iterations of their product as well as consistently optimize for better performance. These were the two most important points we reminded ourselves during the planning process. Our team built Oppono’s web app using a modern and sophisticated tech stack that enables both teams to publish new content, add new features, and deploy new versions of the web app in great synergy.

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