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What We Did
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The situation

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest business network, with over 200 Chambers representing over 200,000 businesses across Canada. Their team approached us to engage in a series of projects spanning over several years, the very first being to re-skin and develop their existing website to match their new brand identity.

Launched 2022

9s to 0.5s



iNCREASE IN pageviews

The Challenge

Since this was the first phase in a larger project, the main priority for us was to work with the Chamber’s brand team to re-design and develop the primary components of their website to match their new brand – colours, typography, brandmarks and more – rather than to re-design the website entirely. With our team focusing primarily on developing new Page Headers along other key global components, we were able to develop the new components within a 4 week sprint.

The Solution

Chamber needed an overhaul of their old CMS so with that main goal in mind, we created a design system that worked fluidly with their new CMS. The new design system ensures visual consistency across platforms for users that provides them with a seamless, pleasant and more familiar experience as they navigate Chamber’s website. Creating a defined set of components allowed the CCC Web Admins the confidence they need to create, manage, and deliver quality content in minutes.

The Website

With the new design system we implemented, it also allowed the reduction in the amount of time it takes for Developers to make significant changes to the Chamber website as it continues to evolve. This allows the Chamber to introduce new initiatives at quicker turnaround times.

When it comes to loading their website, we slashed Chamber’s loading speed from 9 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This immense time difference gives users the confidence to navigate the site freely without the delay of a slow response. Keeping users on the website for longer and letting them explore the Chamber’s business offerings.

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