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What We Did
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The situation

When it comes to websites for publishers, there are few that the scholar community can identify as stellar. In favour of displaying information and lots of text, design can easily be tossed to the side in order to add everything possible.

Canadian Scholars wanted to step above the usual framework of a publisher website and be the change in the industry. With over 35 years of experience, Canadian Scholars has been providing instructors and students in higher education with books and other materials of the utmost quality. They came to us looking to revitalize their website to elevate it from a bland storefront to one that is modern and timeless.

Launched 2022

The Challenge

Make History Modern

With this refresh of Canadian Scholars' website, it needed to do more than just help book stores and students look for books. It needed to give clear direction to anyone using the site and make gigabytes of information digestible for the users browsing the website. With these ideals in mind, we made Canadian Scholars seamless and easy to navigate while still looking sophisticated and modern.

The Solution

Elevated book browsing experience.

Canadian Scholars provides a unique wide range of academic perspectives that usually isn’t seen in large multinational or university press. With their differentiator in mind, the website brings information forward in a digestible way so educators can know exactly what a book holds at a glance.

The Website

Working with their current branding, we elevated elements to bring their website to modern standards. With faster loading times to allow users to browse for more books throughout their experience, we also brought eBooks to Canadian Scholars. Using RedShelf integration, we opened up Canadian Scholars’ library to attract new educators and faculty. Now users have access to their purchases via an eBook library that’s easily accessible.

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